Claire Donskey


“Jacquelyn works very hard to find exactly the property her clients want and to help both parties stay competitive as buyers and sellers.  She’s very knowledgeable and confident in what she wants, which is exactly what I needed in a realtor.   I wouldn’t want to go through this process with anyone else.  I am also a first time home buyer with a busy schedule. Despite these barriers, Jacquelyn helped me to navigate the entire process without making me feel inadequate.  She knew how busy my schedule was and scheduled showings around the times that worked for me, saving me so much time when it came to coordinating meetings. Jacquelyn went the extra mile for me twice. First, by being present when my parents came into town, helping us talk through all of our concerns in person. Second, she was present at my final walkthroughs of the house I purchased, making sure she was there every step of the way for me, I really appreciated that support! I chose to work with Jacquelyn because her and I worked together previously and she has become one of my closest friends since. I was excited about the field she chose because I knew it would be a perfect fit for her personality. Since the real estate transaction, we’ve remained close friends and she’s checked in multiple times with me regarding my new house!”