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Living in Utah! Weekly Recap – November 26th

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Last week truly highlighted so much of what I love about living in Utah. Snow, time in the mountains and excellent food.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was work as usual. I sat floor at the St. Regis and watched them put up all the holiday decor! It is amazing how festive that place becomes. In case you missed it Park City Mountain Resort opened on Wednesday. No, I haven’t skied yet, but soon! Very soon!

We had family in town from California and Idaho. Everyone drove. Total travel time for our family from Idaho was 4 hours and for our family from California was 9 hours. Totally possible for a long weekend! We hosted Thanksgiving dinner and the highlight of what we cooked was definitely the Turkey (smoked on the Traeger) and the Pumpkin Pie cake. We followed Sarah Masoni’s Turkey recipe, and Courtney’s  ( cake recipe. The only modification to Sarah Masoni’s Turkey was we didn’t roast it with the bacon. Added bonus for the day, it SNOWED!

Friday we purchased a permit and went on an adventure to cut down our own Christmas tree. It was perfect. We found the best, perfectly imperfect tree, it snowed, but not too much, and we saw the biggest bald eagle I’ve ever seen in my life! Where? Ha! That’s for you to find out! While I am happy to share some details about the amazing adventures made possible by where I live, I do believe discovery is part of the fun so I will continue to keep specific locations a secret! I will tell you we drove for less than an hour.

Saturday we drove to Salt Lake City to pickup a few Christmas gifts and to check out the Temple lights. The Temple lights are quite a spectacle. If you are in to checking out holiday lights it is definitely a must see regardless of what faith you practice. We finished off the evening watching the Holy War. Aka Utes vs BYU football game. Utes eeked out their 8ths straight WIN! Woot Woot

Last but not least, we ate at Proper Burger in SLC Saturday night and Riverhorse Provisions in PC Sunday morning. Proper Burger has delicious food, easy parking and it is quick! The wrap and the donut at Riverhorse Provisions were both fabulous! Indulgent and fabulous!

Thank you for reading! Check back next week for another recap on how I live my best life from Utah!

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