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Living in Utah! Weekly Recap – November 5th


Welcome back!

This week was almost too full of awesome stuff! A quick trip to Colorado, The monthly board of Realtors luncheon, a huge St. Regis open house, the election, Live PC Give PC, the Park City Turkey Drive and a day trip to Lindell Utah for a USRA motorcycle race.

Although not all election results are in we received one very big result from the election on Wednesday morning. The open space bond passed! Cheers for more land left undeveloped and protected forever!

We are coming up on the holiday season so there are all sorts of fundraisers happening. The Park City Turkey Drive and Live PC Give PC are two of the local events myself and our team at Chin MacQuoid Fleming Harris (CMFH) were involved in this week. For every Realtor that showed up to the St. Regis Open House, CMFH donated $20 towards a  turkey! We had over 90 Realtors show up. So awesome! The Park City Turkey Drive is the largest turkey drive in the state. GO PC! Live PC Give PC is a 24 hour event in Park City that has raised over 7.9 million dollars in 7 years and has supported more than 100 non profits around this town. It is so cool to be involved with a community that supports giving back.

The monthly Board of Realtors Luncheon was at the Chateaux on Thursday and the speakers included Bill Rock, the Senior VP of Park City Mountain Resort, Bob Wheaton, the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Deer Valley and Todd Shallan, the new Chief Operating Officer of Deer Valley.  The two main take aways from the luncheon; 1. Deer Valley will continue as a skiers only resort and has no plans to change that anytime soon. 2. Snow making technology has come a long ways. In a nut shell, they can now make snow at temperatures above freezing.

Speaking of freezing. I went for a 13 mile run Saturday morning and it was 17 degrees out but according to the weather app “feels like 10” and it did feel like 10! Holy smokes. I finished my run at 7am and jumped in the car to drive to Lynndyl Utah (where the above photo was taken) to support my husband in a USRA Motorcycle race! It was about 50 degrees out there and beautiful and it was less than a 2 hour drive. Love the diverse landscape this state has to offer! Last, but not least, I spent Tuesday in Colorado catching up with old friends. Did you know it’s only a 6 and a half hour drive to Fort Collins from Park City!

Thanks for tuning in!



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