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Living In Utah! Weekly Recap – October 29th

Thank you all for checking in on my weekly roundup! This post is primarily focused why I love living in Utah with an occasional real estate update. In addition to work, this week involved running, a few bites to eat around town, a football game and some Halloween fun.

I am training for a marathon… Every few years I get the running bug. I am a bit nervous this go around because this is the first time I’ve trained for a marathon while living in Park City in the winter. This week involved 27 total miles. I felt great and loved the miles I was able to get in outside as well as the miles inside on a treadmill. For the days I feel like running outside there are paved trails all around Park City and for the days I feel like hitting the treadmill I’ve got three options: The Marc, Silver Mountain and the Basin. I am currently at Silver Mountain but I love all three of them. For my time on the trails this week, I think I enjoyed 224 Connector the most.

My husband is into riding dirt bikes. He drove about an hour South to find a dry trail this week and boy was it beautiful out there. The trails in and around Park City are pretty much closed to biking for the season. After all, it is snowing as I write this and check out those white peaks in the pic below. Gorgeous.


We grabbed a bite to eat at Szechuan, a Park City Chinese restaurant. I haven’t eaten there since high school. It was a trip down memory lane lol. We also tried to enjoy the Utes Football game on Saturday at No Name Saloon. The onions rings were more enjoyable than the game but that’s how it goes sometimes. For the record, the onion rings are off the charts good, always.

We had a few Trick or Treaters but it seems like the trend is to hit up the town activities and trunk or treats. Main street was jumping with dogs, kids and adults. If you are looking for a fun Halloween activity next year don’t pass this one up! Click here for more details!

Let’s talk Real Estate! The highlight of this week? BHHS Park City requires their agents to attend a training at all of their developments in order to sit floor at their offices. This insures we are giving each of our developments the representation it deserves and disseminating accurate information to our clients. This week I attended training sessions at Tuhaye, Lift, Yotel, Fairway Springs and the Colony. Here is a VERY abbreviated version of what I picked up at my trainings.

  • Fairway Springs – Located in the colony, prices start at $1,299,000 and there are 5 remaining. What I love about this property… The views you guys. The views! For a canyons property these places have stellar views.
  • Tuhaye – Located on the outskirts of Park City. This development has a similar concept to Victory Ranch and Promontory but there are some aspects that distinguish it from the other two developments. 1. Out of all three it is by far the most convenient in terms of proximity to Park City. 2. It’s on mountain amenities are awesome! If you like to ski but want to live in an amenity rich golf course community this is your place!
  • Yotel – Cool, hip and affordable! This project is a concept unlike anything that has come to market in Park City. They are hoping to break ground this December! Their concept in a nutshell. Sleep in your condo, socialize in the .
  • Lift – Located in the heart of the Canyons Village. This project offers 61 residences and is 92% sold out! They range in price from $2,395,000 to $3,795,000.
  • The Colony –This project is in it’s final phase and it is a very healthy market! What does that mean? I snapped a pic of a visual from the training that pretty much sums of inventory in the Colony. 163 homes built, 32 under construction. In the last year they have sold 100 million dollars worth of inventory ($40 million in lot sales and $60 million in home sales).IMG_7414.JPG

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and don’t forget to vote.


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