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2018 Open Space Bond


It’s voting season and this year there is a pretty hot topic on the ballet for Park City residents; the Open Space Bond. If you take a drive around Park City you will see sign after sign planted in properties throughout Park City. What is it and why is it such a big deal?

The Open Space Bond this time around (this is not the first Bond for open space, more on that in a minute) is for the purchase of the two remaining open spaces left within the city limits; Treasure Hill (Figure 1) and the Armstrong Snow Ranch Pasture.

treasure_map-engage park city.jpegFigure 1:

Why does this matter. Part of what makes Park City the amazing place it is, is the ability to recreate in so many different places. We are surrounded by Open Space. See Figure 2 below for a visual of exactly what areas are already open space! Many of the places residents and visitors choose to recreate are areas that are designated as open space indefinitely thanks to previous bonds that were passed. If you are someone that enjoys biking through Round Valley, cross country skiing on the trails surrounding the McPolin Barn, hiking the trails of the Bonanza or simply appreciate the beauty of the wide open landscape that surrounds Park City you are someone that appreciates and benefits from the open space bonds.

ParkCity Org Mountain Space Image.jpegFigure 2:

The bond for the Treasure Hill and Armstrong open space are equally as important as the previous bonds for open space. If you enjoy taking the town lift to start your ski day or skiing into town for a slice of pizza at Davanzas to finish your day you are someone that benefits from this space in its current state, open space. If the bond is not passed what will the impact be? For starters the proposed development of this space will take an estimated 8-12 years and it will require an estimated 300 dump trucks per day traveling in and out of Park City for 4-6 years during the blasting and excavating phase. When the development is finished it is estimated that traffic will increase by an additional 1000 vehicle trips through town each down and water use will increase annually by 13-17 million gallons. This information was obtain from For more information on the open space bond or any other items on the ballot visit

In and around Park City there are plenty of homes and lots for sale and a lot of land that is currently being developed for future residents. My job is helping others buy and sell Real Estate and while I believe having homes for people to live out their dreams is important, there must be a balance between development and preservation. Vote to make preservation a priority this year! Thanks for reading.


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