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Buying a Home? Why Should Your Home Inspections Include a Sewer Scope?

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 2.56.08 PM

Yep, that’s a picture of a sewer line. Who wants to see that? Me, I do! EVERY SINGLE time my clients are buying (or selling- read Selling a home? Why Should Your Home Inspections Include a Sewer Scope) a home, I want to see a sewer scope … You ask why?

When it comes to buying a home what could possibly come up during the inspection process? Well guys let’s face it, a lot!

I think most people stop and think at some point in time, I should write a book about the crazy S*&(#T I deal with at work! Pun intended here with that comment. Cutting right to the chase, you should do every appropriate inspection possible during your due diligence period. Inspections help you determine what issues exist with the home. I say what, not if, because every home has it’s problems. Although seller disclosures (home sellers who are thorough here, good karma!) often say a lot, they may not tell you everything! Inspections allow you to have a deeper look at the home through the eyes of a specialist.

Lets talk about sewer lines for example. In areas with older homes and lots of beautiful trees, sewer lines may be ridden with roots and lack the adequate slope to move the sewer from the home to the street. This may result in things like the sewer backing up into the bathtub or the sewer line collapsing. True story. Know what you are buying!

Now lets be clear, I am not an inspector, my practice is helping people buy and sell home, but as a realtor I want all home buyers to have a few best practices when it comes to buying a home and ordering a sewer scope is a best practice in my book!

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